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So *technically* I got a newsletter out this month. Sorry!!!!

Hey folks!

I’m back! It’s been a few weeks but I am finally getting a July newsletter in, just under the wire. Since I last wrote, I’ve had to eat my own words about dentists because after several appointments I’ve managed to make friends with mine, since it turns out he went to college with one of my best friends. Plus, he’s in a band, and they’re actually GOOD! #NotAllDentists, I guess.

I am currently in the Chicago suburbs for work, because my company is celebrating Staff Appreciation Week with a midday group volunteer event, multiple catered meals, and a baseball game (not the Cubs). I fly home Friday just in time to play in a roller derby game Saturday after missing a week of practice, eeeeek.

Our house has been under construction since late June, which has contributed to my less frequent newsletters, but the good news is, it’s almost over. We completely tiled over our main bathroom and replaced almost every part of our screened-in back porch. Tomorrow, our basement floors will finally be completely installed, thanks to the fact that we fired our big box store installers and hired the contractor friend who pulled off our bathroom and porch projects while we waited for them to get their shit together. Good contractors are worth their weight in gold, it turns out! I am new to house projects so I forgot to take “before” pictures but I’m pumped with how they’ve turned out.

But enough about that – Let’s move on to the matter at hand:

What I’ve Been Making for the Internet

What I’ve Been Reading

  • My Chicago friend Ines Bellina made her AV Club debut with this great piece about R. Kelly and all the ways systems failed his victims. The book she talks about sounds fascinating and she got to speak with the author. 

  • You’ve probably already seen this in your feeds, but if season two of Big Little Lies left you underwhelmed in the mommy drama arena, go read about the goings-on at Grace Church School, a preschool in Brooklyn

  • I have been having SO MANY conversations with women about friendships lately, and how hard it is to make and keep friends in adulthood. I have had to admit to myself that my old standbys for friend-making (Join the local roller derby team! Go to a coworking space!) have NOT been working in the rural area I moved to a little over a year ago. Granted, I met my boyfriend around the same time and, as a result most of my friends are HIS friends (plus the mutual friends who introduced us). But after spending some time with old Chicago pals this past weekend, I miss having buddies nearby to go get brunch and go to concerts in the park with. Anyway, this Slate piece is by an author who wrote a novel about friendship based on some hard-to-follow rules, and it’s interesting. Sounds good in theory, but maybe not so much in practice, unless you have a ton of paid time off and travel money.

  • Please read this Belladonna piece about if all my very rational fears came true. It is so funny and weird!

  • Yes, I am linking to that Vanity Fair piece about how we are at Peak Personal Newsletter here in my personal newsletter!!!! I am fine with this. This project has been going on since 2015 and it’s my favorite creative side project of ALL OF MY CREATIVE SIDE PROJECTS. And that’s a lot. 

  • Hey hey, it’s roller derby in the New York Times! My aunt sent me this article about its history and honestly there was some stuff in there I didn’t know.

  • Did you read the McSweeney’s piece about new societal archetypes, now for men?? It’s hysterical.

Chuck and I have been watching a lot of Portlandia lately

What I Loved This Week

  • I checked and I’m entitled to a $125 settlement from Equifax because they screwed up and lost my data. They probably did it to you too, so check here to see if they need to mail you some money.

  • What did we all think of the new season of Veronica Mars? I gotta tell you, Hulu really f**ked with my plans by dropping those new eps a whole week early when I had plans!! No but seriously, reply with your season four thoughts. I think I need a rewatch before I pass judgement but holy plot holes, amirite?

  • Can’t stop, won’t stop watching this video of Denver Roller Derby doing the macarena on my old track in Portland. 

  • I clicked on this ad for an adorable swimsuit on Instagram and it has been following me across the internet ever since. WARNING, if you click it it will follow you toooooo! Should I buy it tho??

  • I was delighted by both this Adam Scott versus Mitch McConnell twitter slap fight and also this image of Jon Stewart after he shamed McConnell into bringing the 9/11 first responders funding bill to the Senate floor. [chef’s kiss]

  • True crime alert: I don’t *love* this, obviously, but with the recent possible new developments in the 2017 Delphi, Indiana murder cases, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about the double homicide of two teen girls. I feel like this case is so close to being solved. Here’s a primer if you’re not already aware of the events. PS, I often say I don’t listen to much true crime but I am starting to think I’ve maybe been in denial.

  • Which roller derby friend are you? Take this quiz. I got roller derby dog because I am ~loyal and compassionate~

  • My friend Brad sent me this link to a series of archived recordings of the music and announcements that played in K-Marts across the country during various months of 1990. THESE ARE SO WEIRD and I love them.

~Writing Stuff~

Okay, that’s all for this installment! Hit reply if you like this newsletter and I’ll write you back. Or, hit forward if you’ve got a buddy you think would be into it. Later, folks!

About me: I wrote a collection of essays about love, loss, and roller derby. Buy a mini version of it for less than five bucks. I’m currently based in the Mid Ohio Valley after having lived in Chicago and Portland for a few years. Follow me on Instagram (@merylkwilliams) and Twitter (@MerylWilliams) for social media posts about trying to figure out why my (step-ish) son was hiding a handful of noodles behind his back, a recent stroll through a Big Lots, and how Younger went six seasons before finally finding an excuse to give Sutton Foster a dance number.

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