Call your dentist

Being 33 means agreeing to schedule a root canal for 8 AM on a Monday

Hey folks!

Over the course of the last few years, I have received a series of out-of-the-blue texts from a Chicago friend, always asking, “Have you found a dentist yet?” This is because I once admitted to her my deepest shame, which is that I just never, ever go to get cleanings or exams. She was a sympathetic ear. She too put off dental care for a VERY long time, only to have an expensive emergency-rate wake-up call when it was too late. I knew she was correct to suspect that I still hadn’t fixed anything, but I would usually just respond to these texts with nervous laughter and/or subject-changing questions.

Ever have that one thing that’s on your to-do list and you just keep putting it off, and suddenly you just haven’t seen a dentist in 12 years? Lolol, we’ve ALL been there, I am sure. I am a garbage person who used to use moving a lot and not having good dental insurance as an excuse but look, I’ve had my current job for five years and we have an excellent benefits package. Anyway, so I finally went and hey, it turns out one of my molars is on the verge of crumbling right out of my face! Cool cool coooool

“When is the last time you saw a dentist?” my new one asked me as I frantically texted my brother to ask if he remembered the name of our childhood militant tooth torturer.

“I haven’t gone since the last time my mom made me, and she died in 2007,” I said. But just as I remember from my childhood, dentists are not easily charmed.

“I can’t believe you’re not in constant pain,” he said halfway through my exam.

So now I’m scheduled for a root canal Monday morning! Anyway, call your dentist. Being an adult is the literal worst.

But enough about that – Let’s move on to the matter at hand:

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